Friday, November 13, 2009

Segment 33 - Little River Loop

Total Distance: 8.0 mi
Total Time: 3:06:27
Moving Time: 2:26:15
Average Speed: 2.6 mi/h
Average Moving Speed: 3.3 mi/h

A late post! Finally! We actually did this segment back on August 29th and started a review but never finished because we were slackers about unloading pictures. So without further ado - the Little River Loop!

We've been picking and choosing routes that we can easily turn into loops, largely because I (Lisa) am a lazy slacker about driving and don't feel like shuttling the cars. The Little River segment was a great candidate for looping, since it follows a little inlet waaaaay back.

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Projected Route

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Actual Route

Little River is small but nice park with no parking fee and a well-kept restroom. There's a little space for picnicking and a floating doc for fishing. Quite nice!

JD Getting Ready and the Ramp

Fishing Dock

The day started out absolutely beautifully - balmy and warm and sunny. The paddle itself had a lot of cool features - and did I mention that this was the first trip with our new waterproof camera? Below are some of the cool sights we saw.

Lisa Finds a Bridge

And a large tree. In the middle of the lake.

The very tip of the loop meets up with a small stream - we probably could have paddled another few miles up it. It was a wonderful, tranquil place to paddle, with smooth, green water and nary a speed boat in sight. Also some weird algae, but we'll overlook that.

The clouds came rolling in at the end of the day, which made for some spectacular skies... and then a fast dash as we tried to make it back to the car before the heavens opened up. We got drizzled on a bit, but made it off the water before it could pour.

All in all, a gorgeous, quiet section of the lake, and one I would be happy to paddle again sometime.

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  1. I just wanted to add that while the paddling up here in the north of the lake was beautiful and the shoreline was less developed (as undeveloped as anywhere on Lanier is, it seems) the water quality was much more "lakey" and green and weedy. Perfect for Spring and Autumn paddles, but I'll still to the south of the lake during the summer so I can jump in where the water is clear and blue! :D